Remembrance Program 

Our Remembrance Program partners with our community to sponsor each of the 366 panels every year to honor and remember the sacrifice made by these brave New Jerseyans who sacrificed their lives for their country.

Your unwavering support and generosity throughout the year has made it possible for us to weather these challenging times. Make a real, lasting impact in sustaining the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation. Your gift, along with those of so many others, will demonstrate our steadfast support of our Veterans, their families, and our commitment to remembering their legacies.

Donor Information

Thank you for supporting the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial & Museum



Remembrance Program Contribution

Please select a contribution level. All contributions $1,000+ include a full panel sponsorship for the coming year.

All donations under $1,000 will receive the photo and biography of a single individual honored on our Memorial to recognize their contribution to the Remembrance Program. For every $1,000 benchmark, a group donation will acknowledge the adoption of an unclaimed panel for the coming year.

The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation to the Remembrance Program is fully tax deductible.

Optional: Panel Selection & Honoree Information

Please select the panel(s) you would like associated with your contribution.